Why sell on Foodcart?

Foodcart is one of the online selling portal. Be it a manufacturer, vendor or supplier, simply sell your products online on Foodcart and open an additional channel of earning money with practically nil investment. Through a team of experts we help you to set up seller portal and get started. Beginning with North Shore we aim to widespread this movement to Global Auckland.

Selling on Foodcart.co.nz is easy and involves a minimal cost. All you need is to register, list your catalogue and start selling your products. Leave advertisement stuff to us. Yes, we advertise for you and help your presence seen better in the market through our sales and marketing team.

What’s more! At Foodcart, we also provide you help with catalogue, packaging material and likewise. Foodcart can also protect sellers from fraudulent claims. Our aim at foodcart is to provide secure and timely delivery of your items and hence fastest payments for you. We also let customers leave you a rating which helps to get you more business. So to earn five star rating you just have to maintain the quality of the goods and you will be Foodcart’s no.1 seller.

What’s in for our customers

Foodcart is your online grocery store which aims to bring your vegetables, fruits and other grocery items to your doorstep at the lowest possible prices. We have a discrete list of vendors whom we pick through a thorough selection process to sell on Foodcart. It is one of our initiatives looking at the high price of vegetables and fruits to give you a portal where you can compare the prices and get the best for yourself. Ordering from our store is not only cheap but it also saves your time because you won’t have to run to supermarket to get your grocery done, giving you more time to spend with your family.  We too deliver at your doorstep at a minimal price.

As far as quality is concerned we have a Customer Protection policy where we compensate when you can support your claim with evidence within a certain period of time. We also want you to leave a rating and feedback when you buy from us which helps in improving the quality of services we offer. Thus we aim to ensure that you have the best experience every time you shop with us




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